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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Glimpse Of My Garden

Come take a peek at what's happening in the garden. Things are growing like crazy from all the rain we've been getting. Although I much prefer the sunshine, I am grateful for the heaven-sent break from watering.

Playing hide n seek in the potato plants by Eve Fox, the Garden of Eating, copyright 2014

We harvested our first artichoke (the big one below) two days ago. So good! These are shockingly easy to grow here in the northeast. Try some next year - you won't regret it. But make sure you leave room - they need some space.

Artichokes by Eve Fox, the Garden of Eating copyright 2014

About two weeks ago, I noticed these pretty little flowers on one of our many potato plants. Then this week, these little fruits appeared. They look like tiny tomatoes but they are the fruit of the potato plant! Who knew??? But you can't eat them since they're filled with solanine which is toxic to humans. I'm just going to hope it's also toxic to chipmunks...

The cucumbers are ripening in waves and we made our first batch of bread and butter pickles this past weekend.

Cucumber vines by Eve Fox, the Garden of Eating copyright 2014

The beans we planted are up and just beginning to climb (this picture is a few weeks old - they've grown a bunch.)

Bean seedlings by Eve Fox, the Garden of Eating copyright 2014

There are also tons of tomatoes growing. The plants have become trees and my husband is just trying to keep up with them - this year, he's experimenting with stringing twine down from above. So far so good.

Cherry tomatoes on the vine by Eve Fox, the Garden of Eating copyright 2014

And the sweet potato vines are starting to explore their cardboard-covered bed.

Sweet potato vines by Eve Fox, the Garden of Eating copyright 2014

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Christina said...

Love seeing what you're growing and hearing about what you're making. So much fun! Your plants are lovely!

Anna Solomon said...

So beautiful, Eve! I'm trying to make your roasted cabbage and the cucumber salad this week.

Eve Fox said...

Thanks, Christina!
And, Anna, welcome home!!!! hope the jetlag is not too bad this direction. And also that you like the cuke salad and the cabbage. XO