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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Carving Help - Think Like A Butcher

The New York Times offered this interesting piece on carving instruction today as a way of maximizing the amount of meat you get off the bird with a minimum of difficulty.

You can read the whole article or just watch the video in which Ray Venezia, the manager of the meat department at Fairway, demonstrates his method. Click here to read and/or watch.


Anonymous said...

This is my new favourite blog! I live in New Zealand and love American recipes. There will be a few of these on my Christmas table, I might even attempt the pumpkin pie! (Even though we can't get pumpkin in cans here and it will mean chopping, peeling and boiling the heck out of a pumpkin before I even start...)

Eve Fox said...

That's great! Can I ask how you heard about the blog?

Just curious about people are finding it.

Anonymous said...

I actually Googled bottling/canning and your "How To" post on canning came up. I read my way through lots of the recipes and am looking forward to some spare time to try them.