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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can You Can It? Yes, You Can!

Can You Can It? logo by Eve Fox, The Garden of Eating blog, copyright 2011'Tis the season for canning! Raspberries, blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, peppers, peaches and more are bursting off the vine/stalk/cane/tree in massive amounts, begging to be preserved for the leaner winter months ahead.

So the time is "ripe" to announce Can You Can It? - a canning and preserving contest I'm hosting right here on this little ol' bloggeroo.

Here's how it works:
  1. Find something you want to can or preserve - sky is the limit! And don't feel hemmed in by jars, drying and freezing are fair game, too.
  2. Once you've done the deed, take a photo of whatever you've canned and write down the recipe.
  3. If you've got a blog, post it there and be sure to link back to this post from yours. Feel free to include the Can You Can It? logo if you like - you can find far too many versions of it here - sorry, I went a little Andy Warhol...
  4. Then send me an email at gardenofeatingblog at gmail dot com with the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your location
  • Name of your blog, if you have one
  • URL of your blog post (if you don't have a blog, just send me the recipe in place of the link to your post)
  • Photo of your canned creation (max width 500 pixels, please send in .jpg or .gif format)
Entries must be received by August 17th. I'll post the roundup on August 22, followed by a week for public voting to determine the winners.

Oh yeah, and the prizes! Take a look at what a little canning can win you...

First Prize - a set of Weck canning jars ($30 value). These are the bomb! Not only are they pretty and wonderfully reusable, but their glass lid and clip system also means you don't have to worry about BPA exposure. This prize comes courtesy of Mighty Nest - a wonderful company that specializes in safe, non-toxic products for your whole family.

Second Prize - a copy of Put 'Em Up - A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide for the Creative Cook by Sherri Brooks Vinton and my favorite canning and preserving cookbook. This prize comes courtesy of Storey Publishing - an awesome company that publishes great titles.

Am I dangling a big enough carrot to get you to start sterilizing some jars?

Not sure how to get started? If you need any tips, check out this how-to post.

Looking forward to your recipes and photos. 

The contest has ended but you can click here to view the entries or here to see who won the first and second prizes.


Kirsten Lindquist said...

how fun! love the "andy warhol" ness of the logos! I'll cross post on facebook.

Eve Fox said...

Thanks so much, Kirsten!

Yossy | apt2bbakingco said...

Just entered! Thanks for hosting such a fun contest!

Pacific College Mom said...

My son and I canned all day today, and whipped up three different goodies. Do you want three entries, or one entry with three recipes? I'm so excited, I found this contest by accident! Will link with Facebook, too, once I know what to do. Thanks!! Ann Thompson

Eve Fox said...

Hi there - whew! That sounds like a lot of canning. I think probably best to enter the three things individually. Looking forward to seeing what you guys made. - Eve

RJ Flamingo said...

I sent in my entry! And I think it's darned considerate of you to come up with a version of the contest logo that color-coordinates with my blog. LOL!

Allison at Novice Life said...


Jesse M said...

Does it have to be a recipe that is original, or something I used that I found????

PaperOnParade said...

I have the same question as Jesse...does it have to be an original recipe? Have been canning the last couple of weeks (for the first time!) and have some wonderful salsa and spiced peach jam. Thanks!

Eve Fox said...

Hi guys,
no, the recipes do not have to be original! Anything is fair game.

Bring it on!