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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gifts from the Kitchen Gods: Plastic Pot Scraper

And on the eighth day, God created the plastic pot scraper. Oddly enough, this historic event is not recorded in even one version of the Bible!

The only explanation I can think of for this oversite is that the Good Book was written by men who did not realize what a wondrous gift God had bestowed upon them because they'd probably never washed a dish in their lives... (let us offer thanks that the times have changed -- my own sweet husband does his fair share of dishes, glory halleluljah!)

But despite the lack of Biblical corroboration, I can assure you that the plastic pot scraper is truly a gift from the kitchen gods. Plastic pot scraper in handThis small piece of plastic is the perfect tool for removing caked on, baked on, burned on food from pots and pans. Using one of these scrapers will save you time, energy, and any number of sponges. It is the perfect size, fitting neatly in one hand, with one rounded edge for getting into rounded corners, and three sharp, sturdy, flat edges that can magically remove layers of food and grime that were seemingly impossible to get off without it.

Perhaps best of all, you can buy one for less than $2 and it should last for years (unless you happen to drop it in the garbage disposal which may shorten its life considerably.)

For some odd reason, very few people seem to know about plastic pot scrapers (probably because there is not a single mention of them in the Bible...) This ignorance has always confounded my mother, who's taken it upon herself to spread the gospel and has converted a number of her friends to true believers by giving these away as gifts. Plastic pot and pan scrapersYou may be able to find one in a supermarket or home goods store but if you have trouble getting your hands on one, you can also buy one online through (for $1.10!) Since the shipping and handling will cost considerably more than the scraper, itself, I suggest that you order several at once. They make great gifts.

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Sarah said...

I swear by plastic pot scrapers! I have a bunch from Pampered Chef and I used them all the time!!!

Beth Lowe said...

I've only known about these things for about six months, and I can't imagine not having one now. About two weeks ago, I found ones that are made of bamboo at my local kitchen goods store!

Eve Fox said...

sweet! let us know how the bamboo version hold up over time as it'd be great to have a more sustainable option.