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Friday, June 24, 2011

In.gredients - Packaging-Free Grocery Shopping Comes to Austin

Just a quick, happy update to my January 2010 post about Unpackaged, an innovative packaging-free grocery store located in London (sadly, just a wee bit too far from my home to allow me to shop there regularly.)

If you happen to live in Austin, Texas, you'll soon be able to do your own packaging-free shopping 'cause a new store called In.gredients is opening in your fair city this fall, provided that their funding goes through. So bring your bags and jars and go crazy, y'all!

Although I find it ironic that America's first packaging-free grocery store will be located in Texas, one of the country's least progressive states, Austin does make a lot of sense.

You can read more about it in GOOD magazine's article.


Anonymous said...

Austin and Texas are 2 entirely different places! Come check it out for yourself! Austin is one of the most progressive places in the country and is a very active, eco-minded city. The city's renewable energy portfolio is one of the most aggressive in the country, just to name one example. In.gredients will fit right in and survive nicely in Austin. Proud to be an Austinite, Julia :]

Eve Fox said...

Hi Julia,
I know! Austin is a great city. My brother- and sister-in-law live there and we love to visit them.

I always feel like Texas is its own country and Austin is kind of like its own state within TX...