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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Seeds of Summer

Comfort food is not the only way to beat the winter blues. One other sure-fire remedy is to browse through a seed catalog. You'll be instantly transported to a warm, sunny garden filled with all manner of verdant, blossoming abundance.

I can spend hours salivating over the gorgeous photos in the Seeds of Change catalog. The names, alone, are enough to fill my mind with explosions of color: Bull's Blood Beets, Eros Endive, Tiger's Eye Bush Beans, Imperial Star Artichokes, Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Skywalker Cauliflower (for all us Star Wars fans), Orange Fantasia Chard, Moneymaker Tomato...

These short, dark days are a great time to plan out your garden and order your seeds for spring. I've already mentioned Seeds of Change, which is a great source for high-quality organic seeds. Many of the seeds come from their extensive network of organic farmers and growers around the country so buying from them helps to support native and heirloom varieties of fruits, veggies and flowers.

I just learned about another great source for seeds from the area where I grew up -- the Hudson Valley Seed Library in Accord, NY. In addition to helping preserve regional seeds, the Hudson Valley Seed Library also celebrates the beauty of heirloom gardening through their delightful "art packs" featuring designs by local artists. These were just too fetching to pass up. Here are some of my favorites, hope you like them, too. Happy browsing!

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These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing them :)