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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gift From The Kitchen Gods: Better Than Bouillon

Although it's best to make your own stock, it's not always a realistic option.

When I've run out of frozen stock cubes and am too busy to make stock, I turn to Better Than Bouillon.

I have tried their chicken, veggie, beef and mushroom bases and they are all excellent. They've also come out with an organic line of these bouillons recently which makes me feel a little better about using them (the organic ones are a couple dollars more than the conventional but I think it's worth $7-$8 vs. $5-6.) And they also make a vegan base for those of you who roll that way.

They're easier to use than normal bouillon because they have a paste-like consistency and you can scoop out as much or as little as you need, then put the jar back in the fridge. Just boil water, add a teaspoon of base to a cup of water, mix well and presto, you've got tasty broth at your disposal.

If you can't find them in your local grocery store, you can always buy them online from Amazon - they appear to carry them all.

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Kate said...

This is the only jarred soup base I buy anymore. I just love the vegetable version. My only problem is that not many stores around me carry it. Hmmph.

Sylvia said...

Hi Eve - I had this in my hand at Berkeley Bowl the other day and put it back because I wasn't sure how long it lasts. Since each jar makes 7 qts. I wasn't sure I would use it up fast enough. After reading your post, I will be giving it a try!

Shell said...

It lasts as long as it takes to use it up - within reason. They carry it at Costco too.

Water, Stone, Candlelight and Wind said...

Does anyone know if it has hidden sources of monosodium glutamate? I am reading about many hidden sources of MSG in processed foods. After searching and finding many studies and scientists suggesting the FDA take it out of the food chain, I am avoiding it. I have also read msg is very often hidden in ingredients labeled "natural juices", "yeast extract" and "natural flavoring" which is on my jar of Better than Boullion.

Eve Fox said...

I'd certainly be interested (and dismayed) to find out if it does have MSG in it so please keep us posted if you find out for certain. Thx, Eve

Anonymous said...

I think it DOES have MSG. I seem to remember the larger Costco jar lists yeast or yeast extract... isn't that one of the red flags for hidden MSG?

Amanda Kole said...

I love this product and use it often in my kitchen, especially when pressed for time. I did read that it has some hidden forms of MSG, within the ingredients listed. That being said I would like to know if anyone knows of a similar alternative that does not have MSG? I'd like to get that out of my diet but will continue to use it i think. I guess that all convenience foods, even bullion have hidden evils that we can't avoid.
-Amanda from