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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ginger Syrup, A Gift from the Kitchen Gods

I've had a bad cold all week. The only balm I've found for all the coughing is a delightful lemon ginger tea made from ginger syrup, fresh squeezed ginger syruplemon juice, and steaming hot water.

At this point, I have drunk more mugs of it than I care to remember and I still like it. The bottled ginger syrup makes it really easy to make this tea and the result is very tasty - lemony, mildly spicy, and a little sweet.

My mom-in-law introduced us to ginger syrup when she visited last and she left a bottle of it in our fridge when she left. She'd heard about it from her sister, Katy, who sells it in her
wonderful store in Burlington, Vermont and is a huge fan of the stuff.

In addition to making teas, it would be good in other drinks (hot and cold and alcoholic and non-alcoholic), for poaching pears, citrus, and other fruit in, and as an ingredient in marinades, glazes and salad dressings. You could try mixing some with seltzer to make your own ginger ale, too. And ginger is supposedly helpful if you're feeling nauseated.

Although I'm sure it's not very hard to make your own ginger syrup, it is even easier to buy a bottle of it (particularly if you are feeling sick...)

Although I'd like to find an organic option, the bottle we have (made by The Ginger People) lists just two ingredients - ginger and cane sugar - so there do not seem to be any yucky additives or preservatives.

Give it a shot. I think a bottle costs between $4-$5 and should last you a while. You can buy it at upscale markets and coops or online.


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Mmmmm I think you just gave me an idea for my ginger-obsessed husband's Christmas stocking!

Eve Fox said...

cool! it's definitely going to be included in my holiday gift guide post that's coming up soon...

Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

I just bought a can of candied ginger, from the Ginger People. They make fine, ginger items! I will have to seek out this syrup, sounds great.