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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Holy Guacomole - This Green Stuff Is GOOOOD!

Yesterday, at precisely 1:17 PM PT, a guacomole storm hit my kitchen with deliciously devastating power. It was one of those "perfect storm" situations you hear about -- I was hungry, I had two ripe, organic avocados, a pile of sweet organic romanita tomatoes, a mound of fresh cilantro, an organic red onion, and a lime...

Guacomole waiting to be born

What happened next will undoubtedly go down in culinary history as one of the tastiest guacomole storms ever to hit north of the Oakland/Berkekley border. I gobbled it up with a pile of organic white corn chips.

Guacomole and organic white corn chips

The very simple recipe is below. I've mostly left out amounts since it is really up to you how much of any one ingredient to include - if you don't like onions or tomatoes you can leave them out, if you love garlic you can add some, if you like your guac spicy you should chop up a jalapeno, etc., etc.

Holy Guacomole!


* Ripe avocado, mashed
* Lime juice
* Red onion, finely chopped
* Tomatoes, chopped
* Fresh cilantro, washed and coarsely chopped
* Sea salt


Combine all the ingredients and taste. You may want to add more lime juice or salt or adjust the amount of tomato, onion, etc. You can also add some ground coriander or chili powder for additional flavor but I find that it's not necessary if you have good raw ingredients.

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