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Friday, October 19, 2007

Gifts From The Kitchen Gods: Microplane Zester

You might say that I have a "zest" for cooking with this handy little tool - the amazing Microplane zester!Photo of zester, courtesy of Microplane's web site

I received my Microplane zester as a 23rd birthday present from my friend Ali (she's the same kitchen-savvy friend who introduced me to the immersion blender.)
It is the bomb! You can use it to zest citrus or grate hard cheeses, nutmeg, chocolate, etc. It's shape and lightweight make it versatile and easy to manipulate. Once you use one of these, you can never go back.

Before the microplane zester entered my life, I had to use one of the sides of my box grater to zest citrus. It was a total pain and did not work nearly as well, not to mention that it was nearly impossible to clean that side of the grater.

Microplane sells a bunch of other products including graters which have plastic handles and come in a bunch of sizes - coarse, spice and ribbon.

You can buy them from Amazon for roughly $9 and they're eligible for free shipping if you're getting some other things at the same time. At roughly $8-12 a piece they're also affordable and make great gifts (not to mention that they are the perfect shape for a stocking stuffer...)

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Rekha M said...

I bought one this summer for a friend in France, having been told by someone at Williams Sonoma that Europeans stock up on them when they come to the US. She loves it.

Eve Fox said...

My friend who lives in South Africa told me she's been bringing them back as gifts, too, as no one can get them there.